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At Willetteragdol, we we try to provide as much information as we can about things that you may have in your house without realizing they may be dangerous for your kitty. If you have any of the following items in your home, we suggest you remove them immediately.


1. Salt Lamps 

Salt lamps, while pretty, are potentially lethal to cats. They can easily die from salt poisoning. If you have one of these lamps in your home, please remove them immediately.


2.  Houseplants

Most people know that some plants are toxic to cats. However, the full list of dangerous houseplants may surprise you. Please click on the link below for a complete list of toxic houseplants and remove any you may have in your home. 


3.  Power Cords

There are many reasons why your cat may like to chew on power cords. With kittens, the main reason is usually teething. For a full list of reasons, please click on the following link:

While we don't expect you to remove all of the power cords from your home, there are things you can do to protect your kitty. At Willetteragdol, we like to use power cord covers. They are relatively inexpensive and work well. You can find our favorite on amazon, Lowes, and Toy Box Tech. Similar items are available at Walmart, Healthy Pets, and most pet stores

4. Taking Kitty Outside

We do not sell to people who plan on taking the kittens for a walk in a stroller or walking the kitties outside on a leash. Once you have given your kitten a taste of the great outdoors, they will learn to like it. I guarantee you that one day when you are bringing in groceries, or preoccupied, your baby will zip out of the door. This is not a matter of IF this is a matter of WHEN. We realize there are TV shows of people walking their cats outside. This may be confusing for some people ...but please remember that this is TV and NEVER a good idea. Our kittens are super friendly and walk will walk up to anyone or anything. "Hi Mr. Fox I’m a  Willetteragdol." A coyote could be only feet away from you and zip out from the bushes and grab your cat. Parents who disregard our request and do so anyway will be asked to return their cat due to breach of contract.  


5. Diet

We cover diet on our website. ... but I feel I need to clarify. Before our Kittens leave for their forever home, I will send you his or her diet. We actually send photos of the exact food so there is no confusion. PLEASE do not change your kittens diet while acclimating. Abrupt change of diet with ragdolls will cause diarrhea and possible dehydration. Young kittens with diarrhea over a period of a few days will become dehydrated, and this is very dangerous. This is why we are adamant about not changing your kitten’s diet. Once your baby is fully acclimated (around six months of age), you can introduce new foods very slowly. Feel free to contact us AFTER between 2pm-8pm if you have any questions. Once the kitten is over 6 months of age, if you decide to switch foods, please decrease old food SLOWLY while increasing new food over a period of days. Never change any ragdoll’s diet abruptly. If your kitty exhibits any diarrhea, please contact us and bring your baby to your veterinarian as soon as possible.   

5. Flowers

There are many plants and flowers that although beautiful, can be toxic or even deadly to your cat. Please research any plant/flowers before bringing them into your home.

Dangerous Things for Ragdolls & Other Cats
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if you have sent us an email and we haven’t emailed you back within 24 hours it probably went to spam and has not been received. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please TEXT us at 508-813-6411.    


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