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DNA tests are very good for finding out HEALTH information only. Breed ancestry results spread misinformation. The DNA testing industry is not regulated for cat ancestry, in fact, different DNA tests/companies can actually give radically different result. No company can claim 100% accuracy of specific ancestry of cats. This is because all cats have a common ancestor. DNA testing for a purebred Ragdoll is not accurate. DNA testing for any purebred cat is not entirely accurate, especially breeds that have been created more recently, within the past 75 years. Ragdolls are a fairly new breed. This is not long enough for genetically robust differences to exist. For all cat breeds there is a common ancestry where it then branches off. You will find with almost all purebred cats there is variation and some common ancestors. Ragdolls were created in the 1960's by Ann Baker. She initially mated a feral long haired white cat with a mixed breed Persian “type” cat. This pairing created a beautiful, docile cat that collapses in your arms. This was the very beginnings of the Ragdoll breed. This is too recent to have an accurate DNA test result for Ragdolls as Ragdolls themselves were created from mixed breeds. It’s not that the tests aren’t reliable, it’s that cat DNA isn’t as diversified as dog DNA. Dogs, for example have been domesticated as far back as 35,000 years ago. Cats have only been domesticated since 8,000 years ago. These numbers will obviously vary depending on your resources. All the breeds are still quite close because some have only been around a few decades. So instead of breeds being clearly defined after hundreds of years of diversifying from other breeds, they are all pretty similar mixes with different characteristics expressed. For example, Ragdolls are technically just long hair moggies that were bred from a stray cat and mixes for a few decades until we have what we have now. So what defines them as Ragdolls is that the lineage can be traced back to the first cat the breeder started with. A DNA test could show that a “purebred” ragdoll has a lot of different breeds because not so long ago the breed was still getting crossed with others to refine it. Basically, take with a grain of salt whatever DNA ancestry says. It boils down to this; according to TICA and CFA, Ragdolls are a blue eyed pointed cat with a pedigree that traces back to the origination of breed. Please note that Generic DNA blood tests are not suitable for Ragdolls. It has been reported to generate numerous errors when comparing to the serologic test. Genimal has developped a specific DNA test for the Ragdoll which detects the mutation CMAH c.364C>T in addition to the 2 other classical mutations c.136 C>T, c.139G>A. Our test is based on the work of Gandolfi et al. 2016. To better understand the interpretation of the results, please consult the product sheet of the blood group DNA test


Here at Willetteragdol, our cats hold TICA  and CFA pedigrees for every one of our breeders. All of our kittens represent the breed standard, are sweet and docile, and come with TICA or CFA registration papers. ( breeder slips ). It is up to our parents if you want to obtain the registration and pedigree. If you would like to see any of our breeder cats' pedigrees, please feel free to ask. Due to the recent increase of scamming we no longer list our pedigrees on our website. We will be happy to provide them for you upon request. Our reputation speaks for itself. We breed for health , personality and beauty, in that order, for the best kitten of your dreams .  


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Bette, Rick and Jake  

Below, please see an article from Wisdom Panel cat DNA Tests:

My cat should be a pedigreed purebred, but their test results show additional breeds?

October 7 2022 1:08am

Wisdom Panel™ cat DNA tests aren't designed to determine whether your cat is purebred. Rather, they’re meant to show how closely your cat matches the reference genetic signatures for the breeds and populations we screen for. The database we use to develop these reference signatures consists of samples from documented pedigreed cats. Though we're constantly updating our database, genetic drift and the impact of breeder preference can prevent some family lines—especially foreign lines—from being well-defined by the cats in the reference database. Plus, variation in genetic populations is normal and even exists among kittens from the same litter. If you purchase a cat with pedigree papers, Wisdom Panel™ Complete for Cats is not intended to refute the documentation.

DNA Testing for Cats
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CFA/TICA Ragdoll Cats.
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