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Never Miss Litter Boxes

They're finally here!  Our favorite litter box, the Never Miss...
the Official litter box of Willetteragdol!

 Willetteragdol is proud to announce that we now carry the
Never Miss litter boxes in a variety of colors!
Our kitty parents can order your Never Miss litter box through Willetteragdol for $28 each. To keep costs down, all litter boxes must be picked up when you pick up your kitten. We do not ship. Anyone interested in purchasing a litter box may stop in, but by appointment only. We LOVE this litter box because it is big enough for a ragdoll to turn around in. This litter box is nice and deep and will accommodate the small and large kitties in your family. 
They come in a variety of colors . 
Do you have a kitty who holds themselves or gets UTIs ?  Then you need this box . Those who know me well, know I do not condone any smell in the home, no matter how many kitties you may have. Multiple litter boxes MUST be made available to your kitty. We recommend a minimum of 1.5 litter boxes per cat. You’ll have the same amount of waste, just happier and healthier kitties.
So remember parents, this is THE litter box for your baby. 

• A low entrance allows an easy step in and out

• The unique design provides a cue for your cat to turn and align lengthwise

• High walls keep waste and litter contained

• A smooth finish and flat floor eases scooping and cleaning

Pick up your Official, hand chosen, preferred by us, litter box here at Willetteragdol when you pick up your new baby.  If you have any questions please call or text us after 2 PM, seven days a week, until 8 PM only.

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if you have sent us an email and we haven’t emailed you back within 24 hours it probably went to spam and has not been received. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please TEXT us at 508-813-6411.    


CFA/TICA Ragdoll Cats.
Our Ragdoll Kittens Are Raised With Love Un​derfoot From Our Family To Yours

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