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FAQ:  What to Ask Potential Breeders?

Willetteragdol is a featured Breeder on"Floppycats".

Our article is called "How to know if a cat breeder is reputable: An interview with Bette Willette". 
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Please feel free to apply any of our "FAQ" to any other responsible breeder. Always do your homework when interviewing a potential breeder.
Please note:
Unless it is an emergency, we respectfully ask that you contact us after 1:00pm EST. Our kitties are our first priority, and mornings are for the care of our beautiful cats and kittens.

We are always here for your questions and concerns...If you have an emergency, please contact us anytime. If you have general questions or would like to schedule an interview, and would like to contact us, please do so AFTER 1:00pm. We are simply too busy with kittens and cleaning in the morning to answer the phone/texts. Thanks.

Tips for finding a good breeder: 

Please do your homework when looking for a professional, responsible breeder. Go to the TICA or CFA website and make sure your future breeder is listed on one or the other. Ask questions. If a breeder does not give you a responsible answer, move along. Check their Facebook page and read the breeder's ratings from past parents. Remember, all reputable professional breeders are more than happy to tell you about their kittens and answer any questions you may have. Be prepared to wait for your kitten...breeders do not function like fast food restaurants. It takes lots of time to make lovely Ragdoll kittens. And remember, Ragdolls are a pointed, blue eyed breed. Take your time, research and compare breeders. 

Please make sure you are working with a Reputable breeder. Do your research, take your time. A reputable breeder will speak to you on
the phone and answer all your concerns. Unfortunately, there are
well-known, successful, so-called reputable breeders that are breeding strictly for the show ring and to sell kittens all over the world for a big pay day. Here at Willetteragdol, we are extremely picky who we sell our breeder kittens to. Our cats will never be sold overseas to an unknown cattery. We sell to breeders who care about their cats and kittens, do not cage their cats, who socialize them properly and spend hundreds of hours with their cats and kittens. A reputable breeder should breed for health, personality (which is why people want a ragdoll in the first place), and for beauty.  Make no mistake, we at Willetteragdol keep up with breed standards without exposing our cats to disease and stress (which occurs at many cat shows). We make no apologies for not exposing our cats to other cats. We will not stress our cats and expose them to disease such as feline leukemia. Feline leukemia is airborne. Something as simple as a hiss from an infected cat that was poorly socialized can spread terminal disease. Our reputation speaks for itself, we are about our cats first. We are always here for any questions you may have, and we encourage communication with all of our parents.

Has Covid affected Willetteragdol pricing?  

Yes, unfortunately we did have to go up on our prices. We supplement all our babies as part of their socialization. We feel this is extremely important. Therefore, we go through three to four cans per day, per kitten during the first few weeks of life. Once our babies are about four weeks old, we can go through 20 to 25 cans a week for every litter of kittens.  That’s a lot of baby milk! We supplement until the babies are about six weeks old. We like our babies healthy and chubby and supplementing with kitten milk ensures that they are getting all the nutrition they need. Supplementing also helps the momma cat regain her pre-pregnancy weight and strength. We not only supplement for nutrition, we believe it also helps our babies to grow up extra, extra sweet. Our veterinarian costs have also more than doubled since the pandemic started as well. We really had no choice but to increase our prices due to the rise in price of kitten milk replacement and medical cost increases. Please note: once we have quoted a parent a price at your interview, that price is locked in for one year. We will not cut corners on our kitten's health, growth or development. If that means that we are forced to raise our prices in order to continue to care for our babies in the best way possible, then that is what we will have to do. 

How can I get on your wait list? 

We respectfully request that you read our website in its entirety before calling. Many of the questions that you will have when calling will have already been answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ's). You can also visit us on Facebook. You can visit our Facebook page even if you are not a member of Facebook. Simply type in Facebook/Willetteragdol. Please be sure to read our ratings. We tell all potential parents to please do their homework when looking for a responsible breeder. We suggest typing the name of a potential cattery/complaints into google, etc. to make sure nothing negative pops up. After you have done all of these things, if you are still interested in a Willetteragdol kitten, then please call us after 1pm (EST) for a phone interview 508-813-6411. Our parents come to us from all walks of life, and every one of them must conduct an interview before being accepted as one of our wonderful parents.

How long is your wait list?

We are a small cattery with a large demand for our babies. Our average wait is SIX MONTHS, but can be longer. We are NOT a kitten mill and will not over breed our girls. We hardly ever have kittens that are not already spoken for. Please read our ratings and reviews from some of our past families. Also, please keep in mind that if you are looking for a specific color, sex, or pattern, it will most likely take a bit longer. We get what we get as far as those things go and have no control over which colors, sex, or quantity of babies that we receive. We do promise that our babies are 100% worth the wait!

Why is the wait so long?  

We are not fast food or Amazon. Once the queen comes into season, it takes 65 to 70 days from the time of conception for the birth of a kitten. Our kittens leave us 12-15 weeks later. So all of that added together is 6 months. If you want a certain color or sex it could take longer. We are NOT a kitty mill and our queens must wait between litters.

Why should I buy a Willetteragdol kitten? Is there anything included with the price of my kitten?

At Willetteragdol, we do not cut corners when it comes to our kittens. Our kittens and cats come first, plain and simple. Included in the cost of your kitten, you will not only receive a healthy, well-socialized, beautiful kitten, you will also receive the following:

 Genetic testing of all of our adult cats.

First two age appropriate shots. 

 Early Spay/Neuter performed by our wonderful vet!

A copy of the lab slip proving that your kitten is parasite free. There should be NO NEED to give your kitten de-worming medication. If your vet insists, please ask them to retest your kitten before administering any unnecessary medication.

A show-quality bath and nail trim before you pick them up.

A TICA registration "blue slip" This is needed in order to register your kitten. (We provide information on how to register your kitten with TICA in our handouts that will be sent home with your kitten). 

Once you have chosen your kitten, you will receive weekly photos, videos, and updates so you can follow along with your new baby's progress and growth. We love to show them off! They're just too cute!

First month of pet insurance FREE through Trupanion.

We will provide you with all feeding information so that you can continue to feed your new baby their current diet. We will also provide you with the type of litter we have found works best with your kitten.

 Most importantly, your kitten has been socialized to perfection by our family. They even sleep with us! We believe in giving you not just a pet, we want to give you a new member of the family.

Support for the lifetime of your new kitten! We at Willetteragdol will always be here for you, for the life of your baby. Once you become a Willetteragdol parent, you are one of the family! 

If I choose to register and obtain a pedigree for my kitten, what clubs are you affiliated with??

We are registered breeder under TICA and CFA. Your kitten can have duel pedigrees if you choose to obtain them. We send all of the info home along with your kitten.
Our TICA name is: Willetteragdol. Our CFA name is: WilletteRags.

When/how can I schedule my interview?

After a phone interview, if we feel that you would be a suitable parent-to-be for one of our kittens, we will schedule your interview with you. All interviews are conducted after 1:00pm EST. We never conduct interviews prior to 1:00pm as our mornings are spent cleaning and caring for our kitties. We apologize if this is inconvenient, but we simply do not have time in the mornings to conduct interviews.

Do I need to interview if I have already been approved as a parent and want a second, third, or fourth kitten?

Absolutely NOT. You have already been approved and a second interview is not necessary. Approximately 85% of our parents come back for a second, third, or even a fourth kitten. However, if you would like to chat, by all means call us! You can reach us any afternoon between 1-8pm est. We love our extended Willetteragdol family. If you are looking to add another Willetteragdol kitten and have had any changes in contact information or address, please DO call us with that information. Once you've contacted us about an additional kitten, we will then send you an adoption agreement. We will notify you once it has been received.  

Do you show your cats?

No, we do not. For a few reasons....
We have an ailing family member under our care and he cannot be left alone. This makes it extremely difficult for both of us to be gone at the same time, which we would need to do if we decided to show our cats. We do not have someone who can care for him for three days in a row. As we said, family (both 4-footed and human) comes first with us, so we will not be showing anytime in the near future.

Shows are wonderful, but please ask yourself these questions... Do people who show their cats isolate and retest them after being exposed to other animals?  Are they the kind of person who would sell to other unknown breeders, as well as shipping them all over the world as cargo?…. We make no apologizes for not having titled cats. The well being of our family and our cats will always come first for us. Before choosing an overpriced breeder who breeds mainly for greed, please read our ratings on Facebook and on Google. We are proud to say we sell very few breeder cats. Why ?  Because we care about our cats and kittens, and the life that they will have. We will also never export to unknown foreign catteries, and send our kitties on a plane as cargo.

We take pride in having a closed cattery, which means we do not take our cats out of the cattery unless it is an absolute emergency. Although showing may be wonderful for some people, we do our best not to expose our cats to unfamiliar four-legged friends who could pass along harmful bacteria or viruses. The risk of spreading a kitty illness at a cat show is much too high for our liking, especially when they could potentially bring something home and spread it to our babies. If exposed to certain illnesses while at a show, we would have to quarantine our cats from the kittens. We just do not think it is worth the risk. The health of our cats and the standards of the breed are our top priorities. Some breeders will perform their own medical (shots, etc.), we prefer to leave that to a licensed veterinarian. The only time our kittens/cats leave our cattery while under our care is for their neuter/spay and in cases of emergency. We believe in high-quality food (we have notoriously healthy, chubby babies!), top quality veterinarian care, and tons of socialization. We spare no expense when it comes to our babies. We test all breeding adults for HCM, PKD, FeLV, FIV, and DNA testing for Ragdoll HCM and PKD mutations (all of which were negative). We also do random fecal testing with every litter. We test all of our litters for potential parasites (which are always negative). Kittens receive their first two round of vaccinations (4-way FVRCP-Ch).  This gives our potential kitten parents huge peace of mind. All kittens are registered with TICA and we microchip all kittens at parent's request for an added measure of safety.


When someone shows their cats, regardless of breed, chances are, they cage them. In fact, many breeders cage their cats while at their catteries. Make no mistake, caging among breeders is quite common place. We just don't agree with it. When inquiring about a kitten, please always ask if their cats are caged. We absolutely will not cage our cats. EVER. Caged cats are stressed cats. Stress causes all kinds of problems later in life. They are a part of our family from the moment they are born and we treat them as such. Caging can result in non-socialization and a less well-rounded cat. Our cats have never been caged, and would be extremely stressed if they needed to be caged for a cat chow. Also, cats that are caged next to other cats are exposed to potentially deadly diseases and such as air borne viral leukemia. Although our kittens have wonderful lines and are quite often show quality, our main focus is on producing loving, well-socialized, healthy kittens that adhere to the Ragdoll breed standard. If you would like to know what the bloodlines are for one of our cats, what "bloodlines" or "Ragdoll standards" mean, or have questions about any of our cattery workings, please just ask. We are an open book.

Although we are extremely knowledgeable about the Ragdoll breed/standards, and do keep up with these standards, our main focus is not, and never has been, about acquiring titles and ribbons. We have always been very open about this. If you are more interested in titles and ribbons than a well-rounded, well-bred Ragdoll, then we are quite simply not the breeder for you. All of our cats have come from, or are descended from great lines. This however, is probably important to us for reasons that are different than other breeders. We love this breed. We really do. When we began breeding years ago, we wanted to make sure that we were starting with cats that were healthy and met breed standard. We did this knowing that someday we wanted to have our own Willetteragdol bloodline...a bloodline that would be full of kittens that were healthy, loving, social, and show-worthy, even though we had no intention of entering the show ring. Many breeders do this for the titles, this allows them to charge more money for their kittens. Many breeders also ship overseas, which we will NEVER do. Quite frankly, we could not sleep at night knowing one of our kittens was being shipped on a long flight to a different country. We just won't do it. We don't breed for greed. Will we ever make a million dollars breeding these wonderful cats? No. Not even close. But rest assured you will be getting the best with a Willetteragdol kitten.

Once I am approved for a kitten, how long is my rate locked in?

Once approved, the price of your kitten is locked in for one year. If you decide to "pass" and wait for another kitten, and another year passes, you will be charged the current price.


Do you quote prices by text? 

No…because it’s not that easy. It depends on the quantity, color and pattern of the kitten(s). We go over this during your interview.  Also, along with the price quote, we go over what is included in the price of the kitten. This is frowned upon by most breeders, but we want to know more about you too! So read about us, compare and give us a call.

What is the price of your kittens?  

It's not an easy cut and dry answer. Quality  and color of the kitten affects the price. We prefer to explain this to you in person (over the phone during your interview) It quite honestly, depends on the kitten you choose. We will discuss prices and all it includes during your interview only. Please note: since Covid there is an increase of scammers, discussing this "in person" helps to eliminate the chances that someone is trying to scam you online. If you prefer to FaceTime your interview, we can do that also by appointment.

Why are pedigree animals expensive?  

Pedigree animals require a huge amount of car in order to insure that we are providing you with a healthy, happy kitten. Things that are factored into pricing include things such as the price of vaccines, surgery, lab work, quality average litter of six kitten by the time they are around ten weeks old can eat 5-6 cans for each feeding. We feed at 6am, 12 noon , 4 pm and our last call is around 8 pm. That’s a lot of food. Good food is not cheap. We do not cut corners and feed mostly wet food. Dry food is technically a snack food. The diet for each litter can also vary. We send the diet home long before your kitten leaves our cattery so that you know what to continue feeding your kitten to avoid tummy upset. We strongly suggest that you please buy every food we recommend. Never change your kitten’s diet while acclimating to a new home. Now, let's talk litter boxes. So many litter boxes! You should have a minimum of 1.5 litter boxes per kitty. We have five to six litter boxes in our baby's rooms that are  scooped four times a day. The work involved in running a clean cattery is astronomical. The cleaning is done every day. Every single day. 365 days off. No sick time. Make no mistake, being a good breeder is more than a full time job. It’s more like having two full time jobs, and we love every minute. We love what we do, creating love for families all over the country. It’s a privilege and a pleasure to do this job.


Please note: We stand behind our beautiful, well socialized kittens. Please do your research before calling. We want you to compare us other top breeders in the northeast. Always take your time. We will always be here for our Willetteragdol families.

Why is pedigree so important?  

A person who provides pedigrees for their breeding cats cares about the integrity of the ragdoll breed. All our cats hold both CFA and TICA pedigrees. If you look at the parent’s pedigree you would see the ragdoll’s name followed by SBT with a number.   What does SBT mean? Stud book traceable. This means that the cat is the real deal, a traditional ragdoll cat. The bloodline is traceable, proving that this is an actual pedigree animal .  

Why is this so important?   Having an SBT number is important because TICA has granted mink, sepia, and solid colored ragdolls pedigrees. However, they do not allow these rag doll varieties to be shown with traditional (ie. REAL Ragdoll’s ). They do not allow them because they do not meet breed standards. Make no mistake a mink , solid or sepia is a mixed breed cat, not a purebred ragdoll. Mixed breed cats are available at any animal shelter. The crazy thing is that these cats do not even meet breed standards... not even by the same organization who granted their pedigree. It's unbelievable. This is why  if you want an actual real ragdoll kitten it is important that you buy from a reputable professional. This is why we feel it’s important to educate people. Unfortunately, disreputable breeders who sell mixed breed "ragdolls" do not care about the integrity of the breed. They are basically cheating people out of a lot of money. This would be like buying a poodle and paying for a pedigree animal, yet getting a poodle mixed with a beagle. Purchasing from a backyard breeder only hurts this incredible breed. Whomever you decide to purchase your kitten from, please make sure they are reputable. Remember, you get what you pay for. That "bargain rag doll" may not be such a bargain after all.

We at Willetteragdol have no problem showing our pedigrees to anyone who asks. All of our cats are the real deal. Absolutely no mink, sepia or solids from us.  We love this breed. All of our kitties are stud book traceable kitties … 

Once I choose my kitten, how much time do I have to decide on a name?

Once a parent chooses their kitten, they have 48 hours to decide on a name for their new baby. The reason for only having 48 hours is because due to COVID-19, unfortunately TICA has been slower than ever in providing papers. We are professionals, and we register all of our babies. We like to have all of our our kitten's registration and pedigree information available on kitten pick up day. Allowing a parent to wait longer than 48 hours delays submission of information for the entire litter. So please, we ask that you be considerate to the rest of the new parents in your kitten's litter and try to think of a name for your baby ahead of time and let us know ASAP.

What cat organizations are you registered with?

Willetteragdol is registered with both TICA and CFA. 

Willettteragdol TICA Number 24045

Willette Rags Number 312874

How much do you charge for your kittens?

Please contact us for the current price of our kittens.


If we change our minds after bringing our kitten home, will you refund our purchase price?

Although it very seldom happens, we have re-homed kittens due to many circumstances, such as a sickness in the family, a move, or even a death. We are not familiar with any other breeder that does this,  but this is our policy:

From the day the kitten goes home, and for 60 days after, we will refund the price of your kitten, minus your initial deposit. After the initial 60 days, and up to one year, we will refund 50% of the purchase price, minus the cost of re-vetting the kitten. The health of your kitten is guaranteed up to 2 years.


What should I expect on kitten pick-up day?

On the day you pick up your new kitten from Willetteragdol, you will need to bring a carrier for your kitten, along with a soft towel to be placed inside. We will not release a kitten without a carrier. You will also need to bring your remaining balance due (cash only, please) as well as a hug goodbye for us humans. 

Do you sell Breeder kittens?

Yes. We sell kittens to be used as breeders to approved family breeders who share our values. We will not sell to breeders who are mainly interested in showing our cats. Although we produce many show quality cats, we do not believe that the show life is in the best interest for our babies. We also NEVER ship kittens to be used as breeders overseas. EVER. All of our breeder kittens will be sired by our very own Louie or Marcel. Any breeder who wishes to receive a Willetteragdol kitten must be interviewed thoroughly and be approved by Willetteragdol.

Do you sell your retired breeders?

On occasion, we have retired kitties or a previously adopted Willetteragdol kitty that needs to be re-homed due to parent's illness, death in the family, or a move. Although these instances are rare, they do happen from time to time. If you are interested in being considered for a situation such as this, please email us so that we can interview you and keep you in our file. We do charge for retired or re-homed kitties. Charges vary depending on the circumstances and the age of the ragdoll. We do not charge in these instances to make a profit. If a kitty is returned to us for help in finding a new home, that kitty must be re-vetted. We re-test and update with any appropriate vaccines. After all veterinary costs, if there is money remaining, it is donated to our charity, Cassidy's Kitties. We do not sell our kitties twice...all fees are for veterinary care, food, and care of the kitty until we are able to find it a new forever home.

Do you allow visits to your cattery?

We used to, but we no longer allow visits for a number of reasons. When kittens are very small babies, they are like human babies...their immune systems are not fully active, leaving them susceptible to a number of illnesses if exposed.  Things like distemper and other viruses can unknowingly be carried into the cattery on people's shoes and clothing. Our babies are super healthy and we try everything in our power to keep them that way. Our cattery (which is also our home) is kept super clean for the same reason. Willetteragdol is a closed cattery, which means our cats do not leave our kingdom. Our kitties only leave the cattery if there is something that needs to be done, such as an X-ray, lab work, or an ultrasound. The first time kittens leave the cattery is generally when they go to get altered and they usually go to their forever homes the day following their surgery.

Also, we have been advised by our veterinary friend  not to allow people to handle an unvaccinated kitten. A person can inadvertently  bring in viruses/germs from the outside. Our kittens receive three vaccinations to protect them starting at 6-8 weeks. We weigh them at 6 weeks. If they meet guidelines, they receive the first of three vaccinations. Vaccines are given every 3-4 weeks, to prevent illness and maintain the health of your kitten. Also, this is to prevent colds, flu and Covid. Our brother Raymond is a fragile  elderly man whose health is very compromised. We are all fully vaccinated. However, being vaccinated does not prevent a person from getting Covid, it just makes the symptoms less severe. For most of us, it means sickness for days to a week. For an elderly fragile man it could mean death. Our home is also the home to our kittens and loved ones. We think of our Ragdolls as our children...and we are very protective of them.

Can you tell the personality of my kitten?   

Well, all our kittens are raised under foot. As you may assume, all kittens will have their own personalities, just like people. We give our babies lots of love and cuddles several times a day. It is up to the parent, once they go home, to continue bonding with their kitten. We lay down the foundation of love, play, and a safe environment, our families need to continue to build on the foundations we've established. Thjis will help your kitten to flourish into their individual personality. Every kitten is an individual and each are very special. All our kittens sleep with us and we do not cage our cats.

How often do you send updates?  

We know how anxious you are to see your baby, we have been on the other end of the spectrum as well. We send videos a minimum of once a week. We will also be more than happy to send you a video upon request. Please keep in mind we are very busy, so keep your request after 1 the mornings we are very busy. Some days it’s 1 pm before we have breakfast. Like a mother to human children, our babies always will come first .  

What constitutes a show quality pet kitten?

Kittens that are show quality are the exact same temperament and premium ​quality as our non-show quality kittens. The difference between a show quality kitten and a non-show quality kitten is that a show quality kitten meets and/or exceeds Ragdoll breed standards (markings, fur quality, etc.).

How big will my Ragdoll be when full grown?

The majority of our neutered boys  will be anywhere  between 15-20 pounds; my girls  are  smaller and usually weigh between 10-15 pounds at maturity.  Ragdolls are
slow-maturing kitties.

I've heard that a lot of breeders will in-breed or line-breed their cats. Does Willetteragdol do this?

Absolutely not. Although this is a common practice among breeders used to achieve certain show-quality standards, we do not practice this method of breeding. We do not believe in breeding between "kitty family members".

When will my kitten receive their first and second shots?

We notify parents of the day of their kitten's first, and second vaccinations. After their vet visit, we will let you know how your baby tolerated the vaccinations. 

Why do you practice early spay/neuter?

First of all, you will find that most responsible breeders practice early spay/neuter. There is an accumulating body of evidence indicating that the positive results far outweigh any remaining UNKNOWN risks. Studies report that anesthetizing kittens was uneventful. Spays are reported to be easier and faster at a younger age than they would be if they waited until the baby is 6 to 7 months because there is little subcutaneous fat to hinder entrance to the abdominal cavity. The lack of vasculature reduces the chances of hemorrhage. In addition, finding all the organs was no harder than it is on older kitten. The speed of castration is much easier on the little boys as well. The testicles on a male kitten as young as six weeks are easier to remove and break down. Finally, the younger kittens recover faster and with much less pain. Even we are amazed when we open up our carrier after seeing our surgeon. Our little boys walk out like nothing happened at all. Little girls are a little slower but it’s a bigger surgery. Our kittens generally can leave as early as the following day. Parents are advised not to bathe the kitten and to keep an eye on the incision site for bleeding and redness...generally the same as any other surgery. In eight years of breeding, we have not had a problem. We can’t say the same with spaying/neutering an older cat.

Are you, as a breeder available for consult for the life of the cat?

​We at WilletteRagdol are always here to answer questions and concerns for the life of your cat, and after.

Do I need insurance for my kitten?

Insurance is something that is generally never thought about until it is needed. We think it is always best to plan ahead by signing up for pet insurance while they are still young.  Although your kitty will most likely not need to use the pet insurance, you never know when kitty may ingest something bad or otherwise injure themselves. We do recommend TruCompanion (Just in case!)  We recommend you do your homework, compare insurance companies, and decide what is best for your family. Willetteragdol provides you with a coupon for month of TruCompanion for free.  We will give you your TruCompanion coupon in your welcome home packet. Remember, it is time sensitive.  If you want your first month free, please contact the insurance Company.  We will go over all of this info with you on kitten pick up day.  

Do I need to choose my veterinarian before my Kitten goes home?

Absolutely! Please find a good veterinarian local to you. Check them out by researching the veterinarians name/complaints.  We strongly recommend that you do your homework when choosing a veterinarian. Just like people doctors, there are good veterinarians and not-so-good veterinarians. We’ve met a few nightmare vets in our day. So, please Choose your doctor wisely. Please schedule a well visit the first week of baby is home. This is also part our contract. At this point, you can schedule a tech/ nurse appointment for your babies third distemper shot. 

Remember parents, and I can not stress this enough!!!  Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give a rabies shot with the distemper shot.  The likelihood of your kitten having a reaction to a rabies vaccine is very slim however, it has happened in the past. This is not worth the risk!!! So please  schedule the rabies shot at least two weeks after giving distemper.... if you could put it off till six months old, all the better. Our ragdoll babies are inside only kitties. However, it is state law that all cats, even indoor cats, have the rabies Vaccine. Yes, all of our cats are always up to date with all vaccines.

If my kitten develops an illness after bringing it home, will Willetteragdol pay the bill?

​Willetteragdol is responsible for treatment and prevention of all genetic Ragdoll diseases. Under contract, all parents are responsible for bringing their new kitten to their own veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our cattery. All of our kittens are seen at least three times and are certified by our veterinarian to be healthy before they are allowed to leave our cattery. Willetteragdol is not responsible for illnesses that may occur after leaving our cattery. Illnesses, allergies, fleas, and other similar occurrences will not be covered by Willetteragdol. All of our kittens are free of parasites and disease when they leave for their new homes. Please be mindful when exposing new kittens to existing pets as the existing pets may be carrying illnesses, etc. that you may not be aware of.

What about feline leukemia?​

We were always taught that feline leukemia and feline AIDS were passed from cat to cat contact. However, we are now learning that this is not entirely true. It has become known that feline leukemia is also airborne. Unfortunately, it is 100% fatal. If you plan on having  your kitty attend a cat show, or visit a groomer, I would highly suggest you contact your veterinarian and ask about a leukemia vaccine. Anytime that your kitty would be in a situation where he/she could be in a cage and kept next to another cat, you could be putting your cat at substantial risk. This is yet another reason why we will NEVER show our cats. We will go to a cat show alone, but we will never bring one of our cats along. It's just not worth the risk.

What are PKD1 and HCM?​

PKD: Polycystic Kidney Disease is a disease in which a large number of fluid filled cysts form in the kidneys. These cysts are present from birth in affected cats. They start off very small, gradually increasing in size until they affect the surrounding normal kidney tissue, causing kidney failure and death. 


Polycystic Kidney Disease is an inherited disease in cats. Most breeders are aware of this potential problem for their cats and test their cats for the presence of the disease before using them for breeding.


HCM: HCM is a horrible and very unfortunate condition which is common with the Ragdoll breed. In it's most severe form, most cats will not live past 2 years of age. Cats diagnosed with this defective gene could potentially collapse and die at any time. They will also pass this defective gene on to their offspring.


Ensure that potential breeders test all breeding cats for PKD and HCM. Please do not consider buying a cat if this test has not been done. The DNA test for Ragdolls is inexpensive and non-invasive for the cat. If a breeder has not tested their cats, this should signal a huge red flag! Any responsible breeder will be more than happy to show you the test results for their cats.


Are your breeder cats DNA tested for PKD1 and HCM?

​PKD1 is a test to determine if there is a hereditary kidney defect. HCM is used to test for a hereditary heart defect. WiletteRagdol tests for both.


Have the kittens been fecal tested for parasites?

​All kittens should be tested for Giardia and Coccidia. These are both parasites that lay in the colon and cause horrible diarrhea, which can be lethal for a young kitten. WiletteRagdol tests for both.


Do you test for Feline Leukemia and Feline AIDS?

Yes. All of our kitty parents are tested for both Feline Leukemia and AIDS.

When will my baby receive their first shot?

We notify parents of the day of their shot. We will let you know how your baby tolerated their first physical and inoculation. At this time, we will book their surgery for spay/neuter and notify you of that date as well.

Could my kitten have any side effects from a vaccine?  

Possibly. Although extremely rare, one out of every 100 kittens can develop something called Limping Calici …What are the symptoms??? fever, shaking and limping on one or more paws. The cure is subcutaneous fluids and antibiotics administered by a veterinarian. Now here’s the thing, many veterinarians are not aware of this side effect. Many veterinarians are simply not up-to-date with pediatric kitten side effects. If your kitten has any adverse reactions once they go home, please call me immediately I will send you to your veterinarian with all of the info you will need. A reaction to a vaccine is very rare however, it must be addressed immediately. Please note: The side effects usually develop 5 to 8 days after the second vaccination. If a kitten develops side effects of Limping Calici, he or she must be treated for up to five days with antibiotics. Although the risk of side effects is small, it can be very scary. However your kitten absolutely needs their vaccines. Side effects can happen even with human children. All of our kittens and cats are up to date with tests and vaccinations which are performed by a licensed veterinarian. Please remember!!!  We are always here for you and your babies. Welcome to the Willetteragdol family,  We educate because we care. Family is forever.

How long does it take to acclimate my new kitten?

We tell our parents the first day you bring your kitten home, the kitten should be in one room and one room only. It’s about bonding between you and your kitten. Once your kitten is comfortable in that room, then you can slowly introduce them to the other furry siblings. And I can’t stress this enough please do so extremely slowly. Put your kitten inside her cat carrier and introduce the kitten by Letting him or her sniff the carrier. Take a little bit of your new kitten's litter and place it in the litter box of your older cats. You need to go extremely slowly and I can’t stress this enough. If you have any questions at all, please call us after 1PM. We am always here for you and your baby for life. Introducing your kitten to yourself and other kitties should take a two weeks to a month. Do not expect them to know you on day one. Put yourself in your kitten's place...this is very scary for them! Everything they know is gone, replaced by new people and places. We will explain this all to you on kitten pick up day, but sometimes people just don’t understand or are too focused on picking up their new kitten that they don't hear us. Your kitten has been socialized to perfection, bottle-fed and will be the sweetest baby you ever had, I give you my word. Please go slow.


I notice my kitten is starting to lose the fur on the back of it's ears and some sneezing. What could be causing this?

Most likely, it's food allergies. Ragdolls, as a breed, are more susceptible to allergies caused by some of the better cat foods on the market. Although these foods may be great for your Ragdoll, they may cause an allergy that presents itself in the form of hair loss on the back of the ears and sneezing. If you suspect an allergy, you arewelcome to call and discuss it with us, regardless of where you got your Ragdoll. Of course, if there is an emergency situation, always consult your veterinarian.

Does your stud cat(s) live in a cage?

No. Absolutely not. Our current stud cat, Louie, as well as our upcoming stud Marcel, not only have their own bedroom to spend their nights in, they also have their own wardrobe! The wardrobe consists of kitty "Stud Suits" that are made by our friend at These specially made suits allow our precious boys to be able to socialize with our other cats and family during the day. At night, they retire to their bedroom where they can remove the suit and relax like the bachelors they are.


At what age do you release your kittens?

​Kittens should not be released before they are 12-15 weeks of age. They need
that time to bond with their mother and siblings. WilletteRagdol releases our
kittens at 12-15 weeks, making sure they are all up to date on their shots and
spayed or neutered. 

Will you release your kittens without being altered? Can I get them fixed at my own vet?

No. We will not release our kittens if they are not fixed. The only exception to this rule would be kittens that are sold for breeding purposes.

Why do ALL of your girls have Simone as their middle name? 

Simone was the name of Bette's mum who loved cats almost as much as Bette does. We give her name to all of our breeder girls as a way to honor her memory. Not to mention that she also had the bluest eyes you ever saw....just like our Ragdolls. All of our kitties are named to honor friends, family and chosen family members.

Are you a cage-less cattery?

​YES! WIlletteRagdol is a cage-less cattery. Kittens are raised underfoot with kids, family commotion and a wonderful cat-loving dog. This ensures that your kitten will be well-adjusted, friendly and not the least bit skittish.


Are your kittens up to date on shots?

​WilletteRagdol kittens have all received their first two sets of shots before they are released to their forever homes. To insure that our babies don't pick up any "friends" while out of the cattery to get spayed/neutered, we apply Advantix flea & tick medicine to the kittens during the warmer New England months. This is the only time we apply Advantix flea & tick medication because other than the trip to get altered, the kittens do not leave our cattery until the day they go to their forever homes.


In the unlikely and unfortunate event that I may need to
re-home my kitten, will you help?

Absolutely. Although it is unlikely, we understand that life happens. In the event of divorce, fire, unforeseen allergy, etc., we will definitely help to re-home your kitten/cat. As stated in our contract, Willetteragdol should be the first person you call in the event that a new home is needed for your Ragdoll. 

Do you Blood Type your cats in case of emergencies?

​Yes. You never know when an emergency will arise, so we cross-type all of our parent cats. In the unlikely event that a blood transfusion is ever needed, we will not have to waste precious time waiting to find out if there is a match available. We will already know which of our cats are a match. Most veterinarians have to send the blood out for testing, which can take hours. In the event of an emergency, this is often time that cannot afford to be wasted. The health and well-being of our cats and kittens is, and always will be, our top priority.


What kind of guarantee do you offer with your kittens?

WilletteRagdol guarantees the health of our kittens for the first full 2 years of it's life.
All of our cat parents are guaranteed to be free of hereditary defects. We guarantee healthy, happy well-adjusted purring machines! 

What colors do Ragdolls come in?

​Ragdolls come in a variety of colors. However, they always have blue eyes and points, they are never a solid color. Beware of mink or solid fur color and any variation from the blue eyes. These are not true Ragdoll cats. A cat with any eye color but blue is NOT a purebred Ragdoll. There are four major patterns with Ragdolls: bi-colored, van, mitted and color point. Patterns come in six major colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Points may be solid, lynx, tortie, or torbie, which is a combination of tortie and lynx. They can also be mitted or high mitted. The color combinations are endless. Please visit for more information on Ragdoll breed colors and color combinations. Please visit our " Explaining Ragdoll Coloring & Patterns" page for more info.

I am on the waiting list. If I pass on a kitten or two, and the price increases in the interim, do I still get my kitten for the original, lower price?

If it is within a year of your adoption agreement, then yes. If over a year has passed since your adoption agreement, current prices will apply. Please see our "Willetteragdol Adoption Agreement". We do not raise our prices often, and only when necessary to keep up with rising vet costs, etc. If you are put on our wait list and pass on an available kitten or two, that is your choice. However, we only guarantee the price of your kitten for one year after your adoption agreement is received. We also only allow someone to "Pass" two times. After the second pass on a kitten, you will be removed from our wait list. Please note: once you do choose a kitten, your deposit becomes non-refundable and non-transferable.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

​Contracts are very commonplace among reputable breeders. This ensures the safety of our beautiful babies. Contracts are an added insurance that our furry babies will be cared for correctly, ie: agreeing to not declaw, agreeing to keep the cats inside and making sure that they visit the vet regularly. 

How will I know when my kitten is born? Will you call us?

Yes, when your name comes up on our list, we will let you know that your kitten has been born. When your baby is approximately a month to six weeks old, we will send you a series of videos for each kitten that is available. You can choose from these kittens or you can pass and wait for the next litter to be born. We have no control over the sex, colors, or patterns that we will have in any given litter. In some instances, such as a flame point female, we may be able to slightly predict the outcome of the colors of the litter, but nothing is set in stone.

When do I pick up my kitten?

​Kittens must be picked up within a few days after spay/neuter. After the spay/neuter, parents will be charged board, which is agreed upon on the day you choose your kitten. We strongly encourage parents to pick up their kittens within the week after spay/neuter. Bonding with your new kitten is crucial and extremely important in the first few months of life.


What should I bring with me when I pick up my kitten?

​When picking up your new kitten, please bring a suitable carrier for the kitten to travel in safely, along with a soft towel or blanket inside. Also, we request that you bring any balance due (cash only for payment of final balance, please. We no longer accept checks of any kind for final balance payments.)  We apologize, for the inconvenience, but we have been burned once or twice, so checks are now only accepted for initial deposits. Your final balance due on kitten pick up day must be cash. Your kitten will be washed, nails clipped, and smelling wonderful when you pick him/her up. All of our kittens are given a "kitty spa day" (bubble bath, nail trim and ears cleaned) before they leave us for their forever home. We spend hundreds of hours on every litter to make the kitten of a lifetime for each of our parents. We socialize a ton. We even sleep with our babies! We really do aim for perfection. There's one more thing you need to bring....a hug! We hug every parent. (You could say we have a hug collection. LOL!)

What if I can't make it on the date you have scheduled for my kitten to go home, ie: the kitten's "pick up date"?

Once a kitten's pick up date has been established by Willetteragdol, new parents are expected to pick up their kitten on that date. If you are unable to pick up your kitten on their scheduled pick up date, Willetteragdol will hold the kitten for you at the charge of $40/day per kitten, for up to one week past the scheduled pick up date. If a pick up agreement with the parent of the kitten has not been reached within one week past the pick up date, Willetteragdol has the right to cancel the purchase of the kitten, and the parent will thereby forfeit the kitten. (Deposits are non-refundable). We do our absolute best to make sure that the pick up dates work for all involved. Please keep in mind that we are not a boarding service and when a litter is scheduled to go home, we often have plans to move new moms/litters into the rooms that these current litters are occupying. It is very important for our cattery that kittens are picked up on time.


When it comes time to choose my kitten, can I choose via FaceTime?

Yes, absolutely!

Do you give discounts?

No, we do not give discounts. We work very hard to ensure that our kittens are raised in an environment that is clean and conducive to raising healthy, happy, and well-adjusted babies. This takes more time, energy and money than you could ever imagine. Add in to that the cost for vet visits, proper nutritious food and shots, and you'd be shocked to find out how much money we, as breeders, do NOT make. 

I want a specific color/sex of kitten. Can you guarantee that I get what I want?

​We try as hard as we can to accommodate the color/sex of the kitten that you are looking for. However, unfortunately, our Mumma cats don't take orders very well. All kidding aside, mother nature will give us whatever color/sex combos that she sees fit. Therefore, if you are deadset on a certain color combo or sex, it make take a few litters to get what you are looking for. We do have all traditional (pointed, blue-eyed) Ragdoll colors. We will never have "mink" Ragdolls as minks are not a traditional Ragdoll color.


I want a female cat because I've heard that male cats will spray all over my house. Is this true?

Both UN-ALTERED male and female cats will spray. However, once a cat (male or female) has been fixed, the cat should not spray. In fact, if an altered cat begins spraying, it's an indicator that the cat is trying to tell you that something is not right. Might be that the litter boxes need to be cleaned more frequently, you may need to add additional litter boxes, change your brand of litter, or the cat may not be feeling well. Simply put, male or female, once a cat is fixed, they should NOT spray. All Willetteragdol kittens are spayed/neutered before they leave for their forever homes. Please do not let this myth be the reason for choosing the sex of your kitten.

I want to get a harness and walk my kitten outside.
Is this a good idea?  

No!!! Once you take your cat outside either on a leash, harness, or free roam, you are signing it's death warrant. Your cat will think that going outside is a great thing and one day, when you're bringing in the groceries or going to get the mail, your kitten will slip out the door and be gone forever. Ragdolls have a very short lifespan once outside. They have no defenses. Also, if that's not enough to deter you from taking your kitten outside, it can get fleas. If a kitten gets fleas, it will develop into worms. They can also get a tick bite and develop Lyme disease, tick paralysis or death. I know that there are celebrities that walk their Ragdolls on a leash, but please remember that's only on TV. Your Ragdoll is your baby and relies on you to protect them and keep them safe. The only time your kitten should be outside is when he/she is inside a cat carrier on the way to see the vet. Please, we beg you, do NOT walk your kitty outside. This is alsoin our contract, which we require all parents to agree to and sign before taking their kitten home.


Do all cats land on their feet?   
No. This may be true with regular cats, you see, a cat's back is extremely flexible and they are able to right themselves in a fall. They also have an Instinct that allows them to judge where to put their feet. This is True with  “most cats “. This is NOT true with Ragdolls. Ragdolls do not land on their feet. They are more dog like in this aspect. So please be aware of your cat falling as they could, and will, get hurt.

How do I care for my Ragdoll's coat?

The Ragdoll has a semi long bunny coat, soft and silky, and requires minimal grooming. Brush a few times a week to keep it looking it’s best. Parents ask if they need to give their baby a bat. No, you do not need to give your kitten a bath. If your kitten ever has a poop stuck on their back sid ,  you can remove it with a facecloth, a little baby shampoo and warm water. Giving a cat a bath, if needed, should be done by a professional or an experienced parent. You can also call your veterinarian, most have professional groomers. The Ragdoll coat consists mainly of long, soft guard hairs. Ragdolls, like all breeds of cats, will shed, usually with the change of seasons.  The absence of the thick, dense undercoats results in reduced shedding and matting. You do not need a special brush. A human brush works well, along with a metal comb.  Brush a few times a week, and you're good to go. Also, start brushing your kitten's teeth when they are babies. Please do not use human toothpaste. You can buy chicken flavored toothpaste at any fur kid store.   

Why does my cat seem to be hiding? 

There is a Myth that Ragdolls do not feel pain. I laughed when I read this. This is NOT  true.... absolutely not true. Cats will hide pain as a survival instinct. They are not going to whine and complain if they are uncomfortable or in pain. Instead, if your cat is in pain, he/she will hide. Anytime your Ragdoll is hiding, please take them to the vet. Remember parents,  you can call us 24 hours, 7 days a week in case of emergency... however, if your cat is hiding from you, please note that I will probably tell you to bring them to a 24 hour veterinarian.


How will I bond with my kitten while I wait for the day
when I can pick it up?

All parents of Willetteragdol kittens will receive bi-weekly email "kitten updates" and lots of photos (Many times, these updates are from the kitten's "this is what I learned this week..."). We believe this helps to foster the kitten-to-new parent bond while you are waiting for your new kitten to be old enough to go home. 

Our parents are extremely important to us. We also understand how exciting it is to receive your bi-weekly photos and email from your kitten! We love to get your replies and hear all of your comments, we really do. However, what happens most often, is that everyone replies immediately upon receiving their photos. We have quite a few parents, so you can understand how this would completely lock up our system. When we send photos we ask you to respectfully refrain from replying for two hours. It makes our job much more difficult if we have a dozen parents answering at once. Also, when contacting us, please identify yourself since we do not have your phone or email address on hand at all times. We sincerely thank you for understanding. 


How often should I feed my new Willetteragdoll kitten
once we bring her home?

Please feed your baby the minimum of three cans a day. The schedule should be as follows....First thing in the morning give your a baby 1/2 - 1 full can of wet food. Then again at lunchtime or whenever possible. Another 1/2 - 1 full can at dinner time and then again at what we call "last call" just before bed. Dry food should be left out for snacking, discarded twice a day and refilled. There is no such thing as a FAT kitten.  Your baby should be eating the minimum in MOST case Scenarios of three cans a day. Our Kittens grow at an incredible rate it is not uncommon for a six month old little boy to weigh almost  6 to 10 pounds. 

Please feed off a FLAT small plate not a bowl. Your baby will eat better from a plate versus a bowl.  Never use plastic dishes. Plastic dishes cause chin acne in ragdolls. 


Fresh water should be given with each and every meal. Always use a clean bowl. We are not crazy about fountains because most cannot be cleaned properly.  The only one that we would recommend is a stainless steel one called thirsty cat that can be broken apart and run through the dishwasher. Bowl washing should be done several times a week. It will help to prevent kittens from getting sick.


OK, let’s talk again about Litter Boxes for a second. Scooping the litter box is equivalent to flushing the toilet.  Litter boxes should be scooped at least three times a day. It only takes a couple of seconds to keep your baby healthy and happy.  Your baby does not want to use a dirty toilet anymore than you do. Remember, if a cat does not get enough food, it will cause behavior problems throughout their life such as food aggression and over eating. 

What do you feed?
We do a lot of education during our adoption process. We send home info about your baby's diet along with a photo so that you know what to feed your kitten to avoid any GI problems. Changing your kittens' diet abuptly will make any cat sick. Please ask your Breeder, whoever they may be, what your kitten is eating. Do not change the diet, especially while your kitten is acclimating. Changing a diet should be done slowly over time. We suggest to our parents that they feed wet food for the kitten's LIFETIME. Feeding only dry food, even some of the best brands, can be detrimental to your babies health and well-being. 


It’s tempting to go for the big bag of dry cat food when you’re shopping for your feline. Good breeders and vets suggest pet parents feed wet cat food as the cornerstone of their cat’s diet. This is why….The number one killer of ALL cats is kidney disease, this is due to the simple reason that cats by nature, do not drink the water that they require. If you think feeding dry food and drinking from the faucet is enough…think again parents.I have taught  this for a  very long time...almost 13 years as a breeder and over a half century as a cat person.Your modern house cat evolved from desert cats, and this has left them with a low-level thirst drive. Even if your cat is very thirsty, they'll probably never gorge themselves at a bowl of water like a dog might. Another reason hydration is so important in your cat's diet? Your domestic feline isn’t hunting high-moisture prey like their ancestors did. So for many cats, it's important that they get some of that necessary moisture from their diet—and of course, dry cat food doesn’t have it. (It's called "dry" for a reason, after all!)


The benefits of feline hydration are crucial to your cat’s vitality and wellbeing. Water is essential for helping your cat’s kidneys clean out impurities. Without enough water, that process can break down, possibly leading to bacterial infections and the formation of crystals in the urine as well as stones which, if left untreated, can prove fatal.


Willetteragdol cares ❤️.  Not only about our cats, we care about ALL cats and our extended chosen family … when someone is finished interviewing with us I say … welcome to the family … it’s not BS .. we actually care!

What food and litter should we buy?

We will always keep you in the loop regarding what food, kibble and litter to use. We talk with all new parents about these things long before it is time to pick up your new baby. We strongly advise that you continue to feed what the kittens are currently eating at our cattery for the first few weeks in their new home. Changing a kitten's diet will cause severe diarrhea if not done properly and slowly. If you choose to change your new kitten's food, please do not do so for the first few weeks after picking them up. As always, if you have any questions, please just ask...we are always here for our kitty parents.

What type of litter should do you use?
We use Arm and Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter. We also highly suggest that you add a few cups of kitten attract . Many people do not realize how important it is to choose the right litter. There is one litter in particular that our kittens and cats do not like/and have had problems with. While it is a good litter, for whatever reason, our cats do not like it. It is called "The World's Best Litter". Many times, they will flat out refuse to use the litter box with this litter. We tried many rimes with this litter in our cattery, we have 11 rooms with more than two dozen litter boxes. We bought a bag of The World's Best Litter and filled some of our boxes with it. NONE of our cats would use those litter boxes. NONE. They would go into the box, scratch around, and leave. So, we moved the locations of the boxes. Same result. Although our parents like this litter, as well as some other catteries that we know, our cats and kittens do not like it. We also DO NOT RECOMMEND PRETTY LITTER cat litter. None of our cats will use a litter box filled with Pretty Litter or World's Best cat litter. We suggest using Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter, or any non-scented, clumping cat litter. Remember the rule of thumb, 1.5 litter boxes per kitty. One kitty= two litter boxes.


How do I protect my kitten from teething on electrical cords?
Cord chewing is a very serious danger with kittens. Please purchase a cover for electrical cords. This is an inexpensive way to protect your little one. Any baby, whether they have two legs or four, will go through a teething period. They will bite on most anything to make their gums feel better. Biting into an electrical cord can kill your kitten. Please protect your kitten by purchasing a cord cover. We have provided a link below to the one we use. It will cover the equivalent of five lamp cords. The one we use is a great product and can be found on Amazon, but you can find them most
anywhere.  Buy the one we use by clicking here

How do I socialize my new kitten with their kitty siblings? 

Number one, go slow. We can’t stress this enough.....slow, slow, slow!

This is what we suggest to all of our kitty parents: Put your kitten in their own room. Feed your kitten on one side of the door and their older siblings on the other side of the door. The thought behind this method is that the older cats will smell the new kitten underneath the door while they eat, thereby associating something good and positive (food) with the new kitten. Also, put your new kitten in their cat carrier in a common spot, such as living room, now play with your older kitty while the kitten is in the carrier. You can use a fishing pole toy or a laser toy. Play and give attention to the older cat while the kitten is in the carrier. Give  treats too...the thought again being that good things happen when the new kitten is nearby. Do not give treats to your older cat unless the kitten is near.  Another trick we tell our parents is take some of the older kittie's litter and put it in the new kitten's litter box and vice versa, combining the scents of both cats .  


Remember parents,  we are here for you for the life of your kitty, a day later , month later, ten years or 20 years ....we are always here for our parents.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


General Health Care Questions:


Can I make my own cat food?  

No, please don't make your own cat food. Tufts and Cornell University have completed many studies on this topic and found that making your own cat food does not supply your cat with the many things it needs to thrive. There are major factors that go into making quality cat food. We know you may think you are doing the right thing in making your cat food at home, but please leave it up to the experts. Making cat food yourself is a recipe for disaster for your cat. 


Is there anything that my cat should not eat?  

Yes. Among other things, a cat should not have onions, milk, grapes, chocolate, or raisins. These things may be delicious and nutritious for you, but they can be poisonous and/or deadly to your cat.


I've heard of "Raw Diets", is this good for my cat? Do you feed them a raw diet?

No. Never. We do not believe a raw diet provides all the nutrition a cat needs in order to thrive.* Raw diets can contain eColi and salmonella. We at Willetteragdol feed both wet and dry food to all of our cats. Of course, if you feel strongly about a raw food diet for your cat, we strongly recommend speaking with your veterinarian first.


Can cats get breast cancer?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Especially in older cats. It is just as common in cats as it is in women. So when you do your own monthly exam, please make it a point to also check your kitty. Breast cancer in cats is not nearly as treatable as it is with people. It is often a death sentence. However, if found early, you can seek surgery and treatments that will give your kitty a chance for a longer life. Our own JeTaime was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had it removed and are optimistic. She’s an older kitty and we give her boob checks every month. 

My cat is a fussy eater, do you have any tips?  

Place your cat's wet food on a flat glass plate, such as salad plate ...we don't know why, but cats eat better off a flat plate for the wet food.  With Ragdolls, please use glass or metal, no plastics dishes or bowls. Plastic will cause them to get a rash around their chin that we refer to as "kitty acne".


How often should I change/offer water?

Water should always be offered in a clean bowl and ideally changed three times a day. Would you drink water that had been sitting there for 12 hours?...of course not! and neither should the cat. Standing water can give your cat Giardia. Giardia is microscopic  and nasty causes bad Diarrhea and dehydration. Dehydrated kittens can die extremely fast...within a couple of days. So parents, please give your cat clean water and a clean bowl at least three times a day. Also, please do not let your cat or dog drink from your toilet bowl. Teach your family the importance of closing the lid.  Any questions, please feel free to call us.  


Should I feed my cat both wet food and dry food?

Yes. To get proper nutrition, cats must have both wet and dry food. 
Please reference this link for reasons why you should never feed just dry food
to your cat:
Also, their water should be changed three times a day if possible.

How long should I leave wet food out?

Well, how long would you leave out a tuna fish sandwich that you plan to eat? The answer is, not very long. A couple to three hours at most.

Why is wet food more important than dry?

As a rule, cats are not big drinkers.  Cats get most of their moisture from their food.  

The majority of dry cat will food is high in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates will make your cat fat.  Humans need fruits and vegetables, but can can live without meat...this is not so for your cat. "Why does my cat need meat?" you ask? Your cats need meat, they crave meat, and must have the nutrients it provides in order to stay alive and healthy. The majority of  dry foods contain grain or potato. Did you know that potato is something that many cats, especially Ragdolls, are sensitive to? Some of our Ragdolls are potato sensitive, causing an allergy which presents itself as hair loss on the back of their ears. A cat with a food allergy may have hair loss and/or redness around the eyes. Cat food companies add potatoes, as well as peas, to dry food as fillers because they are less expensive than meat and protein. Always read the labels of your kittens' food. We also like to remind our parents  to leave the fish in the sea. Fish is high in ash and very bad for your cats kidneys. A diet high in ash can lead to kidney failure which is the number one killer of all cats, from lion to domestic. Did you also know that your kitty will eat more dry food in an effort to get the protein their body requires, making kitty chubby, which is not healthy?  The fact is, cats are meat eaters, pure and simple. Kitties will eat and eat and eat dry food trying to get that protein in their body.  A chubby kitty can acquire diabetes, arthritis, some cancers, and a host of other problems. Some dry foods that claim to be grain free have potatoes and peas, so please read the labels. Your cat NEEDS a diet of protein, a small amount of fats, and LESS than 10% of carbohydrate. Now, we are not saying dry food is bad for your cat. It is not. It’s good for snacking when no one’s at home. Dry food should always be down for your cat. Dry food is a vital part of Kitty's' diet. However, it should NEVER be the only part of your kittys' diet. If your cat will only eat dry food, please purchase a quality food, and again, read labels. Always offer lots of clean fresh water.

Always consult your veterinarian when changing your kittie's diet and never do it abruptly.... ALWAYS add or subtract a new food gradually to avoid tummy upset and diarrhea. We recommend a diet of canned chicken or turkey food and grain free dry food for all of our Willetteragdol cats, as well all non-Ragdoll cats. Feed wet food as directed by a veterinarian in a clean flat small plate.  If you feed as the food manufacturer recommends, your cat will be over-fed. 

Always remember to feed wet food from flat plate. Your cat will eat better from a flat, small plate. Dry food should be fed from a clean bowl, leaving it down for no more than 12 hours. Remember the importance of a clean bowl with fresh dry food.  Dry food left out will get stale just like a bowl of potato chips that you would leave out for yourself.

Also, please make sure to keep all food away from litter boxes.


Isn't dry food better for my cat's teeth?

No. This is a total myth ...

Bad teeth/oral health is caused due to a lack of dental care. It can also be passed down in your kitty's family tree. We try to teach our parents about feline oral hygiene. Brushing your kittens' teeth with a soft child’s tooth brush and using only cat tooth paste should start from day one. If a parent waits until the kitten is older, we promise it will be difficult. 

How about fish? Is fish good for cats?  

Please leave the fish in the sea. Fish is high in ash, which is bad for a cat's kidneys.
For the life of us, we don't know why they even sell cat food made with fish. Please feed your cats only food that is made from chicken or turkey.


How about dairy? Should my cat have a saucer of cream?  

No dairy products. Cats are naturally lactose intolerant. Giving them dairy (milk, cream, etc.) will give them a tummy ache and gas ... and nobody likes stinky kitty farts.  


Can cats eat vegetables?  

Please check with your veterinarian when giving vegetables. Cats are meat eaters by nature, they cannot become full-fledged vegetarian. Feeding your cat a diet of only vegetables will kill your cat very quickly. Cats need a diet that includes meat. Period.


How often should I brush my cat and trim their nails?

Brush your kitty as directed by your breeder.  We suggest brushing your kitty' fur at least 2 to 3 times a week.  Cut your kitties nail as often as you would trim your own.  

What about fleas?

If you think indoor cats don't get fleas, please think again. Fleas can come in on your pant legs. It's a HUGE deal, right? Not really. Yes, it's a pain in the backside, but it's not the end of the world. If your kitty has fleas, this is what we at Willetteragdol swear by...First, don't panic. Our treatment of choice ( and it works GREAT) involves using Dawn dish soap. Make a ring of dish soap all of the way around your kitty's neck with the Dawn dish soap. Go all of the way around the neck...this keeps the fleas from running up onto the kitty's head. Then, give your cat a thorough bath using the Dawn dish soap. Once kitty's body is washed, use a cloth and gently wash kitty's head, being careful of the ears and eyes. Whatever you do, do not, we repeat, DO NOT use flea dip on a cat. The chemicals in a flea dip will indeed kill the fleas, but it can possibly kill your kitty as well. We recommend no chemical soaps. Dawn dish soap strips the skeleton right off of the fleas, effectively killing them without harming your precious kitty. 

If you have rugs, you will need to flea bomb your house.You will need to take every living thing out of your house prior to bombing, including any fish you may have. Wait the recommended amount of time before entering your home after a bombing, then give your house a thorough vacuuming and dispose of any vacuum bags once finished. You can also sprinkle some Borax laundry detergent on the rugs before vacuuming. 

Once all of these things have been done, please bring a fecal sample to your vet for testing. If your kitty has fleas, they most likely will develop worms from the fleas. (Yuck! We know!). You may get lucky and not have your kitty end up with worms, but we always test to be sure. 

What about flea prevention? We use Advantix or Seresto flea collars. Both work well as a preventative. However, some cats are very sensitive, so if you see any kind of adverse reaction, please get your kitty to a veterinarian quickly. Most of our cats wear a Seresto collar. They are inexpensive, last 8 months, and we have found that only a few of our cats are sensitive to it (we use no flea preventative on kitty's that are sensitive). 

Please check your cats once a week during the Spring, Summer and Fall and hopefully you will stay flea free!!!


How many litter boxes should I have and what placement
should I have them in?

According to Catster magazine, they suggest, and we agree as follows:


1.  You must have an appropriate number of litter boxes. For example, you will need one for each cat you have, plus an extra one. For two cats, you should have up to 1.5 litter boxes per cat. Two kitties=three litter boxes, three kitties=five litter boxes, and so on.


2. Litter box placement is very important. You must have a litter box in areas that are easily accessible for your cat, but away from heavy traffic. They like their privacy too.  


3. This is very important, especially with ragdoll cats...please have a litter box that is big enough for the cat to easily stand and turn around in. Remember, ragdolls are big kitties! Our boys can go well over 20 pounds.


4. Willetteragdol suggests using scoopable litter. We also suggest that you wash your litter box out at least twice a month and use fresh, clean litter. Nobody wants to use a dirty bathroom.


5. Another tip we tell our parents: your scoop should also be cleaned. We use a wire grill brush when cleaning ours. Make sure you get into all of the nooks and crannies using hot water and bleach. Also, litter boxes are made of plastic, which is a porous material. We suggest buying a new litter box every other year, minimum. If your cat is going in and out of the litter box, this is a sign of possible urinary tract infection. Please bring them to the vet.

Please remember to scoop your litter boxes AT LEAST TWICE A DAY, And change the litter a minimum of once a week per cat.

How often should I replace my cat's litter boxes?  

Litter boxes should be replaced with a new litter box every year. Consider it your baby's birthday gift and buy them a new box every year! We also highly recommend a grill brush or stiff vegetable brush to clean your litter box scoop. Remember, a clean litter box = a happy cat. We also highly recommend 1.5 litter boxes per cat...we cannot stress this enough! You will have the same amount of waste, but happier, healthy cats.

Does my kitty need a bath?  

Not really. Cats groom themselves. Their rough tongue has little barbs on it, which are very similar to a comb. When they groom themselves, they are actually washing and combing their fur at the same time. If, for whatever reason you may have to bathe your cat, please use Cat Shampoo! Never use people shampoo unless instructed  by your veterinarian. 


Should I childproof my home for my kitten?  

Yes. Please do. Make sure to keep electrical cords out of your kitten's reach. Also, beware of plastic bags as Ragdoll cats like to chew them and could possibly swallow the plastic. 


Should I allow my cat to walk on a wet floor after
it has been washed? 

NO! Cats can absorb chemicals through the pads in their feet, just like we can absorb chemicals through our skin. This can make your cat extremely sick. When washing your floor, please make sure to not only put kitty in another room until the floor is dry, but also make sure to pick up their dishes from the floor. Cleaning products such as "Swiffer" and "Febreze" are very toxic to both cats and dogs while they are wet. Keep kitty away from the floor until it is completely dry.


My cat is going in and out of the litterbox what's wrong?  

Your kitty may have a urine tract infection. Please bring them to the vet ASAP.*

A tip from us at Willetteragdol: If you need to bring a urine sample to your vet, remove the litter from your litterbox(es) and line with a disposable litterbox liner


My cat is suddenly hiding under the bed should I be worried?  

With cats, hiding is a defense/survival mechanism. They will hide for a multitude of reasons, all of which should be given proper attention. If your cat is hiding, please bring them to the vet to get checked for illness or injury ASAP.*


*We at Willetteragdol do not claim to be medical doctors of any kind. We are simply passing along what we have learned from having had cats for many years and from being a breeder of Ragdoll cats. Please, if you think there may be something wrong with your kitten or cat, bring them to a veterinarian to get checked immediately.

Any tips when adding a new kitten to our family?  

If your kitten/cats are stressed, we suggest using Feliway plug-ins. It's a drug-free way to calm your kitties. It works by releasing a hormone called "pheromones" into the air. We use them in the cattery and can testify that they really do work! They are all over our house. There are a lot of hormones in the air when you have a cattery, and it helps to keep our "fur kids" calm and happy. Our cats come from different catteries and it's no accident that we have peace in our little kingdom.

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