We at Willetteragdol believe in sharing the love. We have been mentoring a wonderful new up-and-coming breeder named Sue. Her cattery is called Rosewoodmewss Ragdolls. Please find her on Facebook and give her a Like.

Preferred Reputable Breeder Friends

During our time as breeders, we have come across a few breeders who share the same high values as we do at Willetteragdol. Below are a few of these breeders that we have come to know, and support. 

Pet Portraits

Renata Cavanaugh is the official portrait artist of Willetteragdol. Renata recently created a drawing of our "Charlie", and it's absolutely gorgeous! (See below, top left). Renata is incredibly talented...and self taught! She will create the most
wonderful drawings/painting of your kitties (and pups, birds, etc...and people too!). You can find her online at Please contact her if you would like to commission a one-of-a-kind portrait of your new
(or existing) family member!



CFA/TICA Ragdoll Cats.
Our Ragdoll Kittens Are Raised With Love Un​derfoot From Our Family To Yours

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