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Please Note: We do not have available kittens at this time. 

However, we do have a wait list and are currently interviewing for future kitty parents. It's a long wait list, approximately 9-12 months at this time, but we promise we are worth the wait. If you decide to look for another breeder, we respectfully ask that you do your homework when looking for a potential breeder. Our FAQ's page contains tons of information that we strongly suggest everyone read and use as a guideline when searching for a responsible, professional breeder. Check
TICA's website for the potential breeder's cattery name.  
Also, check out their Facebook page and read all reviews and 
recommendations. Ask questions. Any reputable breeder will be more than happy to answer any questions you
may have.

Just a quick note:
We know how exciting it is to pick out your new little family member.
It's a wonderful feeling to be able to look at the entire litter and say
"I want that one!". In the order of fairness, we do not add potential, 
pre-approved parents to our list until we have received your deposit. 
It's first-come, first served. So, the quicker we receive your deposit, the higher up you will be on the list to choose from our available kittens. 

Please contact us for an interview (after 2pm est, please) if
you are interested in being placed on the wait list for a Willetteragdol kitten.

We have lots of kittens on the way!

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if you have sent us an email and we haven’t emailed you back within 24 hours it probably went to spam and has not been received. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please TEXT us at 508-813-6411.    


CFA/TICA Ragdoll Cats.
Our Ragdoll Kittens Are Raised With Love Un​derfoot From Our Family To Yours

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