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The Truth About Declawing

What is Declawing?​

Declawing is not just the

removal of the cat's nails.

Declawing involves the

amputation of the last bone

on each toe. That's like

having each of your fingers

cut off at the last knuckle.

Declawing carries with it a

risk of lameness and

behaviorial problems such

as biting and refusal to

use the litter box.


Some of the after effects of declawing are pain, infection, tissue death, lameness and back pain. A cat's claws help to ensure that it's foot is rotating correctly as it walks. Removing the claws can cause pain similar to constantly wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes. Also, if the claws are improperly removed, they can regrow, cause nerve damage and bone spurs.


Claws are a very important part of a cat's mental well-being. Removing the claws may alter your cat's temperment. They are also a cat's first and foremost line of self-defense. 


Many countries feel so strongly about declawing that they have banned the procedure. Instead of declawing, the Humane Society of The United States and WilletteRagdol recommend the following:


• Keep claws trimmed.

• Provide scratching posts and boards for your cat.

  Offer different types, shapes and materials. Use toys and/or catnip to

  encourage your cat to use the scratching areas.

• Ask your veterinarian about soft plastic caps that can be glued to the

  cat's nails. They need to be replaced about every 6 weeks.


Declawing is a surgery that is not only painful and stressful for cats, but it is completely uneccessary. This is why WilletteRagdol specifically states in our
contract that we require potential kitty parents to promise to never declaw
one of our precious babies.


*Information for this topic were gathered from the Humane Society of The United States' webpage:

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