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Important Changes About Your TICA Pedigree

Dear Parents,  


Unfortunately we will no longer be able to register your kittens
for you unless we have your TICA Account number.


We will, of course, provide breeding slips and you can do it yourself if you prefer. OR, you can register with TICA, let us know what your account number is, and we will do it for you at no charge.   


How do you set up a TICA account?


This is slightly confusing, so we will break it down as simply as we can...   


1.  Type in on your Smart phone or computer.  Click on "create an account"... it’s on the top right corner of the screen. Enter your information, name, email, phone and then click "next".

2. TICA will then send a link to your email address to confirm your information is correct. That email contains a link to create your TICA password. It will also confirm all your information is correct. There is an icon on the type right hand corner…Click the icon to login to TICA. Your TICA ID number will be next to your name.


3. Once you have your ID number, you must let us know what that number is so we can register your kitten and get your pedigree for you. If you do not provide Willetteragdol with your TICA account number, we will not be allowed to register your kitten in your name for you. Without your TICA number, we can only provide you with a blue slip/breed, and you will have to complete the registration yourself.

TICA has recently made MANY changes, many of which are frustrating and difficult to work around. We are trying to save you, our parents, the aggravation and cost of registering your kitten and obtaining their pedigree.   

We, as your breeder, can now only provide parents with breeder slips … this is totally out of our hands in their new system. We are sorry for the inconvenience


If you are confused you can call us anytime after 1 PM at 508-813-6411…
we will try to explain, or walk you through it.


Love & Peace 

Bette , Rick and Jake

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if you have sent us an email and we haven’t emailed you back within 24 hours it probably went to spam and has not been received. If you have not heard back from us within 24 hours, please TEXT us at 508-813-6411.    


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